Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Santoro's Notecard Method

Notecard Method!

This Assignment is adapted from Frank Santoro, an aesthetic thinker in the field of comic books (he is a graphic novelist himself and often contributes articles to the comics journal).  He has developed "the Notecard Method" which opens you up to being inspired to develop storyboards from your direct sketchbook.  This means you could potentially develop a storyboard from just an image.  Maybe you did a sketch, there are made up characters that you have not given names to, but you just love the composition!  You just love the color you used.  or maybe you just drew something on the subway; someone who was across from you who just looked interesting.

With the notecard method, you can start a storyboard at the END of a story, the BEGINNING of the story, or the MIDDLE of the story.

Homework:  With your notecards, develop a storyboard.  Try to use various sketchbook entires.  What connects the drawings in your sketchbook?  What power is there in gaining ideas from you subconscious or indirectly?

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