Sunday, March 5, 2017

Adapting your storyboard to sounds; Return emphasis to background & Hitchcock Rule

Mission Hill Animatic Episode -

As we discussed earlier, having your 30 second animatics have internal logic is vital for grasping the attention of your audience.  It is an element that can transcend an animation to the realm of an experience, as it gives off the effect of witnessing a separate reality.  Consistency to the worlds created, specific details and even visual tangents are what separates derivative work from original work.   It gives you, the creators, a never ending well of resources and paths to go down.

If you're beating yourself over the head as to where a story must go, perhaps 30 seconds of animatic has passed by simply pausing and observing the worlds you have created.  Establishing shots, often more rendered and painterly, is a trope within narration that is highly anticipated and beloved by fans of animation art collectors.

As a result, we will be talking about background painting today.

Suggested scale: relative to 1080 x 1920 - 6.4 inches by 3.6 inches

Hitchcock Rule:  "The Size of Any Object in Your Frame Should Be Proportional To Its Importance to the story at that moment".

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